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Mineral Filled Hinged Containers

Mineral Filled Hinged Containers


The non-absorbent construction of this container makes it perfect for holding sauces, dressings, and other liquid or heavy foods. The container is built to last, preventing leaks and maintaining its structure. It also boasts a cut-resistant surface with textured sidewall ribbing and chamfered corners, all of which provide extra strength and prevent bending and buckling to ensure it maintains structural integrity, the mineral-filled containers are made with less plastic than PP containers and are more eco-friendly.

Other features include dual bar locks which snap securely into place, and a hinged lid for quick and easy opening. The containers come in single or three compartment configurations which makes them ideal for holding a variety of items including entrees, sides, and desserts. This container is microwavable making reheating a breeze and is highly versatile and an excellent choice for any commercial food service establishment.


9in Mineral Filled 3 Compartment: N70039/*HCMF93 (150 Containers Per Case)

9in Mineral Filled 1 Compartment: N70009/*HCMF91 (150 Containers Per Case)

6in Mineral Filled 1 Compartment: N70006/*HCMF61 (300 Containers Per Case)


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