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PET Cups

PET Cups

Cup Size

Nception Plastic PET Cups

Clear-in-color plastic PET cups are available in 9oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz, and 32oz sizes. PET Cups are perfect for Food Service. The simple, stackable design of the cups makes them perfect for holding a variety of beverages.


9oz Cup: N60109/*PET9 (50 Cups Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

12oz Cup: N60112/*PET12 (50 Cups Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

16oz Cup: N60116/*PET16 (50 Cups Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

20oz Cup: N60120/*PET20 (50 Cups Per Sleeve – 12 Sleeves Per Case)

24oz Cup: N60124/*PET24 (50 Cups Per Sleeve – 12 Sleeves Per Case)

32oz Cup: N60132/*PET32 (25 Cups Per Sleeve – 12 Sleeves Per Case)


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