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PET Lids

PET Lids

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Nception Plastic PET Cups Lids

Perfect for Food Service. Clear-in-color plastic PET cup lids are available in sizes that fit our 9 - 24oz cups, or sizes that fit our 32oz cup. The smaller lid offers a Sipper, Straw-cut lid, or a Domed lid. The larger, 32oz lid offers a flat, straw-cut lid. The simple, stackable design of these lids makes it perfect for saving space with one size fitting most PET cup sizes.

32oz Flat Lid: N65132/*LD107FS (25 Lids Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

9 - 24oz Flat Lid: N65124/*LD98FS (50 Lids Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

9 - 24oz Domed Lid: N66124/*NCPLD98D (50 Lids Per Sleeve – 20 Sleeves Per Case)

9 - 24oz Sipper Lid: N67124/*LD98SIP (50 lids per sleeve / 20 Sleeves per case)


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