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Clear / Black Hinged Containers

Clear / Black Hinged Containers


This polypropylene container is perfect for holding specialty meals from restaurants, bars, buffets, catering companies, or ghost kitchens. It sports a flat top and bottom design in the single-compartment configuration. The three-compartment design also features a flat top design with ample spacing for each compartment allowing for easy packing of sides and veggies along with the main dish. Great for packaging pasta, sandwiches, and salads, and is microwave-safe for use with hot dishes. This item is a versatile addition to any establishment.


9in Clear Top/Black Bottom 3 Compartment: N72239/*HCCB93 (150 Containers Per Case)

9in Clear Top/Black Bottom 1 Compartment: N72209/*HCCB91 (150 Containers Per Case)

6in Clear Top/Black Bottom 1 Compartment: N72206/*HCCB61 (300 Containers Per Case)


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